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The Forty Nineteens

The Forty Nineteens "I'm Free" was named a "The Coolest Song in the World" by Little Steven Van Zandt.

Little Steven Van Zandt:

"A combination of two Rock N Roll capitals, Detroit and Pittsburgh, Say Hello to The Forty Nineteens."

Michael Des Barres:

"A new favorite of mine." "One Hell of a Rock n Roll Band!"

Rodney on the ROQ: 

"They sing about good times, I'd like to have a 383 Dodge Charger."

BEST OF 2017 @ PowerPopNews

BEST OF 2017 WORT Madison WI Leopard Print Lounge 













VEGLAM:  “And Such And Such” displays great songwriting skills from the start

Good Fortune up for a JAMMIES aka  Album of the Year at WYCE Grand Rapids

Track One 'And Such and Such" receiving airplay in Little Steven's Underground Garage shows Bill Kelly,  'Rodney Bingenheimer and Goldie's Garage w/ Genya Ravan.

GOLDMINE MAGAZINE: John Borack's Best of 2017

Best of 2017 @PowerPopNews 

Included in David Bash International Pop Overthrow's top 125 of 2017

2017 Top 20 Plastico Elastico Spain

WQON BEST of 2017: Michigan Music Uncovered

Boston Groupie News: No 1 in their top 10 new tracks!

The Soul of a Clown: "if you’re looking for an album to beat away the winter blues then this may be the one for you."

VEGLAM: “And Such And Such” displays great songwriting skills from the start and reminds me a bit of... 

Best of 2017 in The Leopard Print Lounge WORT Madison WI

# 3 on WMBR  MIT Cambridge Weekly Rock Report 

Boston Groupie News: "And Such and Such" - "One of those pop tunes you want to play over and over."

Ratboy '69: Good Fortune is their 4th release and best so far. (Belgium) 

Powerpop News: a psyche-pop feel reminiscent of Revolver era Beatles.

Crush Em HI-Fi : A blend of Dramarama, Elvis Costello, Smithereens (Brazil) 

OpinionNation:  it is hard not to tap your foot and just smile as you listen to the music. 

This is Rock N Roll Radio with Dana and Carl. 

Don Valentine: I Don't Hear a Single. "They know how to grab a riff and ram it home"

Sound Renaissance: "Another blast of gritty garage-punk..." 

Independent Clauses: A big ol Rock n Roll song from the 60s

Powerpopaholic You can't go wrong with The Forty Nineteens

DKA Pittsburgh Weekend Magazine: Rob PratteRob Pratte

Poprock Record: Track Two Pillows: Great tune, killer arrangement, wonderful performance – I could go on.

1001 Records: #30 for October.


Little Steven's Underground Garage: Regular airplay on Bill Kelly's Blackhole Bandstand

Little Steven's Underground Garage: Steady Rotation

Rodney Bingenheimer: Sirius XM: Little Steven's Underground Garage: Jul 17Nov 5

Mighty Manfred's Mid Day Matinee Sirius XM: Discusses our Nov 18  BIG STIR show. 

Genya Ravan Goldies Garage: Sirius XM Little Steven's Underground Garage Aug 18

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