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The Forty Nineteens' newest LP "Rebooted" takes a garage rock trip down 1960’s Sunset Strip, with the top down, and the radio on. The door is open, climb on in.
Little Steven's Underground Garage "Coolest Song in the World" 
The Forty Nineteens 'I'm Free' is "The Coolest Song in the World


In Little Steven's Top 20 pics for Coolest Song of 2016 ! 


KDHX St Louis 2017 Halloween Special, Area 22 2017 Halloween Special

Leading off the BILL KELLY SHOW WFMU Teenage Wasteland July 23, 2017 Listen to archived show!! 
Rob Pratte KDKA Radio Pittsburgh Mentions our Little Steven Yankee Stadium Show! 
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Sound Renaissance: Submissions; Rebooted
Sirius XM 105 Volume's Feedback #newmusicfriday w/Larry Flick, Nik Carter, Lori Majewski!! 
Indie 103.1 Go Deep with Bruce Rave: Leading off the New Music Jan 27 week show
Indie 103.1 Go Deep with Bruce Rave: New Music Mar 24 week show

COOLEST SONG IN THE WORLD COUNDTOWN: Little Steven's Underground Garage
Rob Pratte and Scott Tady ( discuss our Coolest Song on The Underground Garage
Rob Pratte KDKA Pittsburgh Video with more Forty Nineteens swag!! 
Rob Pratte KDKA Pittsburgh VIDEO sporting The Forty Nineteens swag! 
Rob Pratte KDKA Pittsburgh VIDEO with our 4 track 7" vinyl interviews Nick about The Forty Nineteens and everything! 
Plastico Elastico: Top Power Pop Songs of 2016
Zero Hour Best of 2016 : WMSE Milwaukee School of Engineering
This is Rock n Roll Radio: Most Played of 2016! 

BroadwayWorldMusic: First Listen
Pittsburgh Tribune Live: Rege Behe interviews Nick Z about Christmas, The LA Rams, et al. 
Rate Your Music: Jessepop rates us alongside some of his faves for 2016 ! 

Plastico Elastico: Stranger on the Shore
Startrip Magazine Japan
Electric Banana Joe: Time Travel with The Forty Nineteens
Sweet Sweet Music Blog: Patrick chats with Nick about Rebooted.

Little Steven's Underground Garage: Coolest Song in the World
Little Steven's Underground Garage Episode 740: Dino and Nancy
Little Steven's Underground Garage Episode 741: 1961
Little Steven's Underground Garage Episode 742: Bikini Beach Party
Little Steven's Underground Garage Episode 743: The Godfather
Little Steven's Underground Garage Episode 744: Fireworks a GO GO
Little Steven's Underground Garage Episode 746: Yellow Submarine

Powerpop Carolina: A blast of exuberance, a perfect summer record.
Boston Groupie News: In Their Top Ten Songs, a legendary magazine!!
Startrip: Japanese Music zine interviews the band
Little Steven's Underground Garage: Goldie's Garage
Pop Geek Heaven: Great review by Bruce Brodeen

BrokenHeartedtoy This group brings a lot of craftsmanship to its music. 

Entered the Most Played list at Radio Doble Nueve Lima Peru!! 

WMFU Aug 2, 2017 Evan "Funk" Davies Show  Pop Up Player Archive

1001 Records, Spain: Rebooted # 5 in their top 200 albums.
John Talk Radio: Nick discusses the band, cassettes, vinyl, 8 tracks!
50Thirdand3rd: Album of the Week!
Radio Caroline Host Tony Paul: Discusses The Forty Nineteens at The Cannes Film Festival
Punk Legend Duncan 'Kid' Reid: Check this out for some great Power Pop from The Forty Nineteens

Live Ledge RealPunkRadio: They take classic sounds and do something unique
The Buzz: Scott and Megan discuss our sold out Wooley Bully's show
KDKA's Rob Pratte: Interviews Nick and Scott Tady @timesonline about the sold out show
Dave Schulps The Trouser Press:  Sounds like a great lost Pretty Things recording
KDKA's Rob Pratte: Pratte Pack Announcement

Pittsburgh's Trib Live: Nick Discusses the Who In Pittsburgh
Audio Ammunition: They play loud, solid, black slacks black biker jacketed, rock n’ roll
Steve Anthony: Radio Caroline:  Features the new disc on his April 21 show
Opinion-Nation, Frank Myers: It gives me a nostalgic feeling from beginning to end
Steve Anthony: Radio Caroline: 'Rebooted' will put a smile on your face

Jersey Beat: Rebooted is a blast of exuberance and a perfect summer record The Forty Nineteens take us back to the great American 1980’s garage revival Punchy freakbeat power pop/rock music
The Razor and Die Show Tune in Fri. to begin tasting this new record! it's delicious The Temecula band, played high-octane cuts off their new album, "Rebooted”

Scott Tady: "Rebooted" is a groovy ride
1001 Records  FIVE STARS
The Home Grown Show: WNCD 50,000 Watts, Excellent Rock Talk with Vike and Kiljoy
Mindset Radio Hour: Joe Dunn features us on his weekly program
105.7 The Point St. Louis: Local Show Playlist

Radio Caroline's Steve Anthony talks about "Rebooted"                                                                                                                                                              Sunday Night Music Meeting Radio 94.5 Temecula iHeart
Scott Hudson's Live Ledge: Show #235 New Releases, with Cheap Trick, Bob Mould! Listen here
WYCE Grand Rapids: In their TOP 30
The Little Lighthouse: Stanislav spins 383 Dodge Charger

Plastico Elastico: Airplay from Spain
Retro Red-Eye Express: KKFI Kansas City airplay
This is Rock and Roll Radio: Dana and Carl spin the new disc.
Random Country: Lucas Jackson spins the new disc.
Pop the Beat Bubble Burst: Rich at KDHX St. Louis

Zero Hour: With Andy at WMSE Milwaukee                                                                                                                                                                                              KZFR Chico: Nov 25 

Radio Fairfax Oct 25
WRCT Carnegie Mellon: With the Mockster
WFDU Fairleigh Dickinson Univ: Teaneck NJ airplay
ROCK 101 KSSS Bismarck ND:  Breaker for the Week May 1-8
Rock 97.7 Butler PA: They debut  I'm Free

July 13 LA Weekly with The Jigsaw Seen